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hello! my name is  NAVIN PANGTI  and i represent dolka innovations in this conversation of ours. the idea behind this interaction is not to impress or awe you but looks like we have just begun a conversationsimply state what we stand for and perhaps talk about what we can do for you.

to begin with, we would like to quickly introduce ourselves further - we are  DOLKA  innovations, a design & innovation firm based in gurgaon, in the national capital region of delhi, india. our core competency lies in conceptualising innovative solutions for our  CUSTOMERS , through design and strategy.  OUR SERVICES  do not merely revolve around creating artefacts but focus on delivering solutions that synergies form and function in the light of context that propels a design exercise. simply put, we like creating solutions that can withstand the pressures of business and time.

shesaw - a context centric design approach

our idea of design does not align well with the notion that design is a sibling of aesthetics and that design solutions are to be judged primarily on the basis of how they look. the other end of this spectrum is occupied by a thought process which is very analytical and gives extreme importance to function - devised through tests and computations. must say, these numbered glass often fail to perceive the function of petals in inviting a bee to the nectar loaded flower.

at  DOLKA , we firmly believe that design is a middle path that can neither be compartmentalised by the realms of form/function/users, nor can be glorified through tabulated data. for us, design is an amazingly balanced worldview that intrinsically likes to make connections. it subtly integrates form and function in the context of various needs to evolve a cohesive solution, waiting to realise its full potential. to evolve these design solutions, we follow our own context centric design approach called  SHESAW  - a home-grown methodology that helps us undertake contextual journeys for translating a vision into tangible  ARTEFACTS .

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