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though dolka, the legal entity, was established in april 2007, the roots of this venture dates back to many more years. after successfully running my own design firm for some years and working as a creative head with a dotcom, i decided to start working as an independent designer. the year was 2001.

as an independent designer, i worked with many customers on a diverse range of projects but somehow people still called me a 'freelancer' - a term often confused with the act of making 'more' money in extra time while one earns his/her bread from a regular nine to five job. design not being a chartered profession in india further added to the confusion because that clearly meant that a designer could not stand up and legally declare that he or she exists!

forming a legal organisation, thus, made a lot of sense. but there was still one choice to be made - to be proprietary, partnership or a private limited firm. we chose to be private limited company, inspite of all its hassles, because we knew that we were here to stay and also because such formal structures help in formal business tie-ups. but one thing we were very clear about from the very beginning was that we are not setting up a design & innovation shop with 'scaling' and 'minting' as the core idea. being small is often confused with compulsion than choice yes, we want to make more money that what we made last year but not by burning our soul.

so dolka was launched, with me, i.e.  NAVIN PANGTI  and deepti bisht pangti as the two directors. while i take care of design, marketing and project management, deepti takes care of finance and administration. deepti has previously served the indian armed forces as a nursing officer and decided not to continue with the services to raise her two loving daughters.

apart from providing a range of  SERVICES  to our  CUSTOMERS  , we also keep ourselves busy with many other interesting things. one of our dream project was our first publication -  DHAAR KAY US PAAR , a pictorial book of hindi poems. we also keep our communication channels open to explore synergies with other entrepreneurs to explore options of jointly rolling out new ventures. there are a few things cooking up, apart from books of course, which will hopefully see the light of the day very soon.

to extend the scope of  OUR SERVICES , we also work is close association with a few  PARTNERS . these time tested partnerships help us, as well as our partners, offer holistic one-stop solutions to our respective customers.

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