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costing variables

the costings for  OUR SERVICES  depend solely on the complexity of a project. and this complexity is defined by desired goals, identified or to-be-identified needs, complexity of media tool, processes that would be applied, type of partners/team one has to work with and time available for project execution. there are no pre-defined templates for cost estimations and clarity evolves only after we engage to discuss the possibility of a project. but one thing that we are very clear about is that our cost estimates do not depend on how deep your pocket is or which geographical location you come from. and rack rates are for ingredients. a recipe is a completely different ball gameyes, repeat business indeed makes the pricing more competitive.

we typically work on a project on a fixed bid basis which means that there is a fixed, single price, for the project and it is determined prior to starting the project after clearly listing out the deliverables, timelines and terms of engagement. the only extra, and at times variable, element is the applicable indian government taxes.

a project normaly kicks-off with 50% project advance and a job order. the balance 50% is paid on project completion. in many cases a project has more than two milestones so a milestone linked payment schedule is worked out.

in the course of a project, if the project deliverables get changed or there are changes after approvals at various stages leading to increase in the scope of work, then the customer is charged extra in accordance with the mutually agreed terms.

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