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dhaar kay us paar (धार के उस पार) is the first publication of  DOLKA . a collection of hindi poems and photographs, the book attempts to articulate the feelings of helplessness, joy, nostalgia and frustration as one crosses the fine line that divides the present from the past.

this book is  MY  personal journey - back to my roots after a gap of twenty five years. in those moments of overwhelming experience, i wrote poems and clicked pictures and then compiled them together in the shape of a book.

this book stands witness to my silent rendezvous with villages and valleys that i had almost forgotten. while i, the traveller, explored and observed, the 'past' has numerous questions for me - what have you come for? what do you want now?

economic migration has been in vogue since centuries but somewhere down the line, this search for food, security and livelihood slowly transformed into a race for wealth and prosperity. and in the process it created a world of rootless people, who today, ironically, constitute a large part of the 'global village'. and somewhere we, the global citizens, seem to believe that the past, that we left behind, has stagnated. we tend to look from above - at the realities of down below - something that we are 'now' literature in native languages is the best way to save the indigenous and traditional expressionsequipped to change. and this sheer thought has the power to immediately make us an outsider!

the story remains the same, irrespective to the origin and the destination of the traveller. from bala to bageshwar, from bageshwar to bhopal, from bhopal to bombay or from bombay to boston...a single step or more, it does not matter... the story remains the same!

the book costs inr 200 plus shipping charges. in case you are interested in the purchasing the book, please  CONTACT US  for payment details. also, do contact us if you have any feedbacks on this book or its concept. readers who do not reside in india can also buy the book from amazon ( the book is made available on amazon through the print-on-demand service of, though the quality of the print will not be the same as the 'real' book due to limited choice of paper.

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