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we find it hard to compartmentalise our services on the basis of media tools or on the basis of  ARTEFACTS  that get created at the end because such an exercise of chunking down dilutes the larger picture of our service offerings.

our services revolve around four core areas of work and they are as follows:

  • conceptualisation
    it is about digesting a context, seeing a vision and then generating an idea. an idea that is firmly rooted in the context of needs and yet free enough to grow and flourish to evolve its own unique character. a concept detailed enough to negate any ambiguity in its realisations.
  • realisation
    just ideas are not good enough, they never were. an idea almost always stands a chance of getting wasted until it is suitably realised. and realisation is all about giving discrete shape to the thoughts so that a vision can translate into reality - which can be experienced and hence liked or disliked.
  • optimisation
    everything that gets created does not necessarily realise its full potential from day one. at times there are some faults with design and at times there is a change in the context of its existence. but whatever be the scenario, each of them lead us to the doorsteps of change - a change that builds up on the past. here we largely deal with heuristic evaluation, analysis and redesign.
  • utilisation
    an act of creation or innovation builds on felt needs and is powered by the availability of resources. but at times there is a need to look into this equation from the other end of the tunnel - one creates because one can - because we have the resources, we utlise them. utilisation is all about initiating the act of creation from the other end of the tunnel.

these four areas of work are not linearly sequenced for creation and innovation but are intertwined to respond to the need which demands the act of creation and innovation. any specific project can involve either one or all of these areas of work, in various proportions to evolve a sustainable solution. to execute our projects, we follow as a matter of policy we do not do speculative work our own home grown context centric design approach christened as  SHESAW .

to ease the understanding of our deliverables, we have also chunked down these service areas to clearly list out the  ARTEFACTS  that eventually get created and delivered. our  COSTING VARIABLES   are also fairly simple and straightforward even though one does not have the luxury of staring at the mrp (maximum retail price) to make a purchase decision.

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