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the world may be chocking with various models and approaches, yet we created one to call it our own. we did not create it because we should, but because most of the approaches we know of do not align well with our line of thought.

shesawour context centric design approach is called shesaw - a design approach that works for us and our  CUSTOMERS . we would resist calling it unique because we think this was how it was always meant to be until the jargons skinned this thought and gulped down the meat.

we believe that there are two ways of looking at and interpreting the same situation. a masculine way that is rational, analytical, practical, direct, assertive and outward looking. and a feminine way, that is creative, intuitive, emotional, sensitive, receptive and inward looking. while feminine energy connects, relates and nurtures, the masculine energy works towards a reliable and trustworthy solution.

shesaw - ardhnareshwar

right from the act of creation and innovation to building relationships with life in general, it is the right mix of these two which makes all the difference. while design can be led by being user centric or task centric and so on... design thoughts swim on a wider canvas and demand a more context centric approach.

we have also laid special emphasis on the word 'she' because we believe that most cultures across the world treat 'feminine' to be less that 'masculine', and this is specially true for the world of business. no wonder a lot of businesses end up doing more harm than good!

the core of this approach is not a metricised model or checklists of actions and tests, but the practice of thinking through (masculine) and experiencing empathy (feminine), together. both 'thinking through' and 'empathy' demand a higher level of engagement to appreciate the bigger picture. essentially shesaw is a multi-directional multi-disciplinary approach needed of look at people, processes, situations, issues...

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